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The mask...

The mask...
Life is for loving and living no matter what it involves...

Monday, 16 November 2009

splish splash I was having a bath

Ah, a bath, what a joy. It's deep and perfect. Only been in situ a few months. I adore my bath. What is more luxurious than a deep, long, fragranced and bubbly soak? Tomorrow I will be 37. Today the plan was to soak and indulge away the few remaining hours of 36. Toddler boy all tucked up after a hard day of tantrums and up-sicks brought on by near constant coughing. Baby girl asleep in her rocker, fed and peaceful. It was the moment for the dream to come true.

Usually a bath is a rushed affair snuck in before baby girl wants changed/fed/looked at...or taken while toddler boy attempts to 'help' by filling the bath with all available items be they bath related or decidely not such as the wind up radio (it took 2 days to revive) while soaking his entire being and much of the bathroom with my futile bath water.

But tonight was going to be different. In an environmentally defiant mood I upped the thermostat to 28, ran a deep hot bath and prepared to mooch in splendor. That facepack which promised to lift and tone was whipped onto the face, the sachet of posh shampoo that came free with a woman's mag was placed carefully at the ready and a glass of something red and boozy was sipped while said facepack did its funky thing. Tomorrow I may be that bit closer to the dreaded 40 but tonight I'd put up a fight against the lines and wrinkles that age so sweetly delivers.

So far, so good...

I'm neck deep and loving it. Posh shampoo is massaged in and peforming whatever miracles it can on my post pregnancy mop, don't you love it when a plan comes together?

Then, hark, what is that? Baby girl awake...nooooooooo. Oh yes, awake and demanding immediate attention. A rapid response unit in my head comes into play, wet and dripping dash to the living room, shift baby girl to bathroom so my presence can soothe her, dip dummy in malt extract and dip dummy in her noisy little mouth. Peace. Again. Must remember to mop post bath so I don't skid and break another bone.

Back in the bath somewhat less relaxed but determined to enjoy my indulgence I sink beneath the bubbles and allow myself a sigh. So where were we? Ah yes, soothe and soak...

Then, hark, what is that? Toddler boy awake...nooooooooooo. Oh yes. Awake, coughing, crying and pulling every guilt string in my luxury hound mothers heart. Pulls me right out of the bath and into his room for a cuddle and comfort. At this point I give up. Abandon all hope ye who enter motherhood.

The plug is pulled. Dressing gown dragged on. Wine poured once more, well a girl needs something when all else has failed. Toddler boy is back in the land of nod and baby girl is on my knee gurgling and happy. So happy she vomits. Vomits sicky baby milk all over my fragranced fresh from bath skin.

So much for a special goodbye to 36, roll on 37 I say...

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A stitch in time

I LOVE craft night! A bunch of lovely folk and happy hour on the vino, crafty skills of all shapes and sizes and the best bit - no kids. It is bliss. And so recession friendly.

Tonight I have met new folk, learned old friends have talents I never knew and finished a hand made christmas present that I'm rather chuffed with even if I am complimenting my own wares.

It just gets better and better, there are tips on revamping charity shop clothes to give them a fresh and funky makeover - think retro with a twist, what more could a girl want? My post baby wardrobe is aching for a makeover and I'm thinking funky-mummy rather than frumpy-mummy but have bag-lady-mummy coffers to make it happen. This could be the answer. Watch this space.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Window shopping - Pah!

A day in the North Laines with hubby, toddler boy and baby. After shoes for toddler boy, yet another pair. Blimey they get through them. Happy to shop for the kids, getting them cute stuff is a pleasure. But oh how I'd like to shop for me.

Temptation, temptation everywhere. The clothes, the bags, the books, the music, the nick-nacks and jewellery, all so delightfully desirable and painfully out of bounds.

There was a time when window shopping was all fine and dandy, 'tis the cheapest way to shop afterall and comes with no post purchase regrets. However when all you can do it gaze at the goods it gets a tad wearisome. It was the big purple bag that did it. So huge, so purple (or blue, or brown), so cute with the oversized clasp and alice-in-wonderland size-blip appeal, so expensive, so out of reach. Ah the torture of it. Okay, there are worse things to be tortured by, I'm not a political nincompoop but some days a bag is all a girl needs. And I've been so good.

Still, I'll probably not want it this time next year. If I'm to be extravagant then better to use the indulgence up on something with a little more wear in it. Best keep eyeing up the windows then...

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Pumpkin goes a long way

Halloween, two babies under two and what do you get? A party! Yay! Kick start at 3pm so kiddies can eat, play and wreak spooky havoc before bed. Yawn.

Party on a budget? Oh yes you can. One roll of lining paper turned into happy ghosts, grinning skulls and pumpkin heads thanks to the miracle of scissors and a felt tip pen. Actual pumpkins leering from the mantelpiece, apples dangling from string and a few carefully located candles. Well you don't want a two year old arsonist on your hands, totally ruins the mood. I know Halloween is supposed to be scary but it isn't supposed to be lethal.

All that pumpkin flesh baked and prodded into cupcakes, soup and lasagne, with the addition of just a few affordable extras like goats cheese. Inspirational final foodie touch - sausage pumpkins with homemade sausage meat and a pack of readymade puff pastry. All up prob cost about £15 to feed everyone - everyone being about 14 adult bods and 4 kiddies. Not bad at all. Booze was a bit extra but hey, what's a party without a drinkie?

But you know what, money spent isn't important when you have such a great time with friends and family. It was spook-tastic fright-fest.