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The mask...
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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Home is where the art least for May

It is that wonderful time of year when Brighton opens up its treasures for the month of May and the largest arts festival outside of Edinburgh kicks off once more. Brighton Festival is simply fantastic. There is art, comedy, theatre, cabaret, music, dance and literature; some is a tad on the pricey side but there is much to be enjoyed for absolutely nothing. Free is my favourite word. Free and festival in the same sentence? Just watch that grin spread over my face.
The fire garden; a free event for Brighton Festival 2011

For those with a love of art and a well developed nosey streak a highlight of the festival is Brighton Open Houses. Generous folks open their doors and let any Joe-schmo off the street into their homes to ogle art in all its forms. You can spy sculpture, paintings, crafts and fabrics; an eclectic range of creative wonders to delight your senses and fuel your inner art critic. Some of it is frankly dodgy but there is an amazing number of talented artists out there who call Brighton home. There are around a hundred of these Open Houses, all for free and many come with nibbles and if you are very lucky a glass of wine.

Big tall hubby and I have the good fortune to have an extremely talented artist for a neighbour (check out his work here. He kindly invited us to the private viewing of his Open House show (at someone else's house) which was packed with great art and there was wine aplenty. Our attendance nearly didn't happen when babysitters were hard to find; when another neighbour most generously stepped into the breach. Fret not, we don't leave the children with any old person who happens to live on our road; our saviour is a trusted friend that the wee ones speak to often. Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours; oh the song is so right. We enjoyed a wonderful Friday night out on the town that didn't cost a bean simply because we share a postcode with some lovely individuals.

It doesn't matter if you know no one; Open Houses are for all to enjoy. Just check out the Open Houses website and shimmy on down for a spot of culture that doesn't cost a bean - unless you're tempted to pick up a bargain and bag yourself a future Warhol.

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